1200 Techniques – group from Melbourne consisting of Dj Peril, N’fa & Kemstar. Formed in 1997, first release in 1998. Winners & Nominees of multiple ARIA & Australian Dance Music Awards.


13th Son


2 Cent

206 Collab

  2Dogs – duo from Brisbane consisting of Dave Dog & Dj Katch from the Resin Dogs.



3 To 2

360 – solo artist from Melbourne. Signed in 2007, first release in 2008. Has released platinum selling albums and been nominated for and won multiple awards.




3rd Dek

4 Syde BC

750 Rebels



A.B. Original – Duo consists of Briggs & Trialz. Formed in 2015, first release in 2016. Toured with Hilltop Hoods.


Aber1 –

Abraham aka Father Abraham – style is Trap



Adam Koots



After Hours

  AKA Brothers



Allday – solo artist from Adelaide, started in 2011.



Alta – from Perth.

And Beyond –   duo from Perth, W.A. consisting of brothers I.T.P. & Producer ZYTGYST.


Anfa Rose – from Sydney.



Apex – solo artist from Victoria, started in 2010. Played support for Cash Krzma , Straitjacket Symphony and UK born Rapper Motley



Apollo Creed

Arno Faraji – Perth based MC and producer from Perth. Started in 2017,  winner of the 2017 Triple J Unearthed High competition.


Astronomy Class

Average Rap Band – NZ duo based in Melbourne



Azmatic – from Perth, W.A. Band members consist of Azmatik, DC, Drastik, Sloth, The Dope Pope, Kulcha, Deebee Gunner, DJ Wrxit & Demise.


B-Nasty – solo artist from Perth. Formed in 2009, first release in 2012. Played support for DJ Yella & Lil Easy E.

B-Wise – solo artist from Sydney. First release in 2015. Played support for GZA, The Cool Kids, G-Eazy and Kid Cudi. Outstanding Performer award 2013 (Winner) – CAAA



Baker Boy – indigenous emcee from Northern Territory.



Bale & Retainer



Baro – solo artist from Melbourne. Finalist in 2014 Triple J Unearthed High. Toured as support for Thundamentals.



Base Dynamics – from NSW. First release was in 2005. Consists of Lenz, MC Epic, Direct & Dj K-Works.



Bay Side Wreckers

Beni Bjah – from WA



  Bias B – solo emcee from Melbourne and a member of Boney & Stoney. First release in 1998, performing since 1991.



Big Skeez –


Big T – from Melbourne, Victoria. Released first solo Ep in 2010


Bigs – from Melbourne. 2002 Big Day Out Battle Champion 2002 Revolver Battle Runner-Up

Bigs & Chalk



Billy Bunks





Bitter Belief – from Perth.





Blades of Hades

Blak Genius – solo artist from Sydney who emigrated from Ghana.

Blaq Carrie –  Harare-born female Emcee from Brisbane.



Blessed – side project from Emcee Miracle started in 2017



Blest – from QLD. Formed in 2009, first release in 2010.


  Bliss n Eso – from Sydney. Formerly known as Bliss n’ Esoterikizm. ARIA Award winners.






Blunted Monk

  Blunted Stylus –  Group from Brisbane. Formed in1993 with the first release in 1995. 5 Blunted Stylus worked with Lazy Grey, Koolism, Katalyst. Jigaw Geoff joined Resin Dogs.




Bob Balans

Bob Scott


Bomb Threat –  Group from Sydney.Formed in 2017 with the first release in 2017.


Boney + Stoney – consists of Lazy Grey, Len One and Bias B. First release in 1999. Lazy & Len reformed in Brothers Stoney.



Book Of Kin

Booze Bastards


Boy Graduate – from Melbourne, started in 2010. Toured with Bliss N Eso




  Brad Strut – solo emcee from Melbourne and a member of Lyrical Commission. First demo released in 1993.




Brandon Stone – solo artist from Melbourne.




Breaker J

Bren L 4

  Brethren – duo from Sydney consisting of Mistery & Wizdm. Formed in 1989, first release in 1992. They have performed at many festivals including Big Day Out, Livid and Blackstump Music Festival and are well known for their community work. They also appeared in the Australian Hip Hop Documentary ‘Basic Equipment’ in 1998.



  Briggs – from Victoria. Solo artist and member of the group A.B. Originals. Began performing in 2005, first release in 2009. Played support for many artists including Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Horrorshow,K21, Jeru The Damaja, Ice Cube, KRS-One, Necro, Yelawolf, Ghostface Killah, Dilated Peoples, M.O.P, Pharoahe Monch and spoken word artist Sage Francis.



Broken Aesthetiks

Broken English


Brothablack – solo artist from Sydney and founding member of South West Syndicate. First release in 2006 He has performed at Big Day Out in 2008 and In 2007 he collaborated with Hilltop Hoods in a song to highlight indigenous mortality rates .



Brother Love


Brother Neicha


Brothers Stoney group from Brisbane consisting of Lazy Grey and Len One



Buddy Ryan – solo artist from Connecticut, USA now based in Melbourne.






Buttah – solo Emcee from North Queensland



Butter D – solo artist from Tasmania. First release at 17 years of age in 2017.


Butterfingers – group based in Brisbane. Started in 2001 when lead vocalist ‘Evil’ Eddie Mark Jacobson booked himself a gig in Brisbane, without a band or any intentions of performing solo. After two weeks, a backing band was assembled featuring DJ/percussionist Olly Thomas, bassist Dave Crane, and drummer Damien Green. Their first two singles “Everytime” and “I Love Work”, reached No. 38 and No. 15 respectively in the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2003. They have been nominated for, and won, multiple awards and have played nearly every festival in Australia



Cable Tasman


Can Okan – solo artist from Sydney, first release in 2017.


Cannibal Tribe




Carmouflage Rose – solo artist from Brisbane.









 Celsius – from Def Wish Cast


Centre Road

Cerebral Atrophy

Certified Wise – crew of artists from South Australia including Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars & Pegz.


Chance Waters

Chaos Maths

Charlie Threads – started in 2016.


Charlie X – solo artist & member of the collective Da Mutantz.



Cheapy ( Cheap Sober ) – solo artist from Victoria, formerly known as Cheap Sober




Chelsea Jane – from Gold Coast, Queensland

Cheques One

Chille Chillz – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants



Chocolate and Kid Kairo – duo from Africa, now based in Sydney



Choose Mics

Chopper Read

Chris Bass

Chris L

Chris V


Citizen Kay – solo emcee from Canberra. Signed to Illy’s label OneTwo. Played support for Public Enemy, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, Run the Jewels and Wiz Khalifa.







Class A MC






Coalition Crew



Coda Conduct – female duo from ACT.




Collective Distraction – Trio from South Australia consisting of emcee’s B.V.A and Meowz and Dj/Producer Son of Sam. Formed in 1995 with first release in 1997 featured on the ‘Home Brewz 2’ compilation. Played support slot on the Lino National Tour in 1996.

Collective Distractions

Combat Wombat

Common Cause


Complete – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants

Comrade Kos


Coptic Soldier

Cortext – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants


Covert –  Solo Artist from Tasmania.Founded in 2004, first release in 2008.







Crimson – from Victoria

Cris Gamble

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Crochet Crooks

Crooked Eye

Cross Bred Mongrels




  Cross Fader Raiders – Consists of Dj Bonez & Dj Ask, first release in 1994.







Cult Shφtta – solo artist & member of the collective Da Mutantz




Curse Ov Dialect


CYSHI –  Solo Artist from Sydney. Formed in 2016 with the first release in 2017.   Asian Australian Hip Hop



D-Loc – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants



D. Corporation



D’Opus & Roshambo

Da Mutantz – collective consisting of Macca.47, Selasie Wussah, Hypeman R2D2, Charlie X, Geek & Cult Shotta. Appeared in the SBS Doco on Viceland May 2017.



Da Stoned Artists

Daily Meds –  Group from Sydney. Formed in 2009 with the first release in 2010.  AMP Music Prize Short Listed 2012 Played support for:Wu Tang Clan, Mos Def, Dj Premier, R.A The Rugged Man, Evidence, 2012 Happy Daze Tour, 2014 Sour Milk Aus Tour







Dan Bully

Dan Murphy





Daniel Elia –



Daniel Merriweather



Dave Atkins

Dave V


Dazastah – from Perth, in the Syllaboliks Crew

Dazed – from Melbourne

Dead Beat Society



Debt Crew



Dedli Cii

Dee Dare


Deep Thoughtz


Def Before Dishonour

Def Poets Society

  Def Wish Cast – group from Sydney, members consist of Def Wish, Die C, Sereck, DJVame One & Thomas Rock. Since re-uniting in 2002, DJ Vame has been replaced by DJ Murda One. They first performed onstage in 1990, first release in 1992, and in 1993 they released the first full length Hip Hop album in Australia were the first Australian Hip Hop group to do a National Tour. Also, their track “Proppa Ragga” was the first Australian hip hop track to receive international recognition in Norway. Sereck appeared in the 1993 documentary ‘Basic Equipment’ and also formed the Basic Equipment Crew whose members include; J Sing, Frequency Unknown, Sleek the Elite and DJ Vame. In 2011, their album ‘Knights Of The Underground Table’ placed 91st on Triple J’s “Industry List” as part of the Triple J Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time. Played support for many artists including KRS ONE.





Defron – solo artist from Melbourne


Delirious – solo artist from Perth, first release in 2011.









Dex –  Artist from Melbourne & member of Dayones. Formed in 2012. Played support for; Bliss N Eso, Drapht, Dylan Joel, and Ivan Ooze Website: Spotify:
YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Snapchat: @dexx Unearthed: Bandcamp:



Diafrix – Duo from Melbourne consisting of Momo and Azmarino, formed in 2011.



Dialect & Despair

Dialectrix – solo artist from Sydney. First release in 2008. Former member of Down Under Beats Crew and member of Gully Platoon since 2008.

Die C

Die Hard



Dirty Duo



Dista – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants

DJ Ad-Fu

   Dj ASK – 2x Australian DMC Champ




Dj B.Two – from Victoria

  DJ Bonez from NSW.



DJ Brand

Dj Broke – from NSW. 2015 Australian DMC Winner

Dj Butcher

DJ Carrot

DJ D’Opus

DJ Damage

DJ Danielson

DJ David L

DJ Dce

Dj Dcide

DJ Debris

DJ Defenda –


DJ Devistate

DJ Dex

DJ Diaz

DJ Diggz

DJ Diverse

DJ Doi

Dj Drizlax – from Adelaide, started in 1999.  Supported artists such as J-red, Dexter, Daniel Son, Decide and Nixon. DJ for Rigorous Records in Melbourne between 2005-2010. No longer active but still a serious record collector.


DJ Dyems

DJ Fib –  DJ from Brisbane. First release in 1995. 0 Founding Member of Blunted Stylus, KGB Posse, Hype Magazine – Wize Lore, host of Phat Tape Hip Hop Show (4ZZZ), Down In The Basement (Artsound FM) and Groove You (2Ser) Radio Shows.


DJ Finatik

DJ Flagrant

DJ Fokus

DJ Force

DJ Fury


DJ Gala

DJ Grotesque


DJ Hacksaw

DJ Hoppa

DJ Incognito

DJ Izm

DJ J-Red -member of Lyrical Commission.


DJ Jugular

DJ Juice

DJ K-Works

DJ Karisma

DJ Kash

   Dj KC – 3x Australian DMC Champion



DJ Kenny

DJ Kinetic

DJ Kode Red

DJ Kweschun

DJ Maniak

DJ Murda One

  DJ Next – co-founder and former Dj for Hilltop Hoods, leaving the group in 1999. 2x South Australian DMC Winner & 2x National DMC Runner-Up.




DJ Nino Brown

Dj Osyris – from South Australia. 2016 Australian DMC Winner.

DJ Perplex

DJ Ransom

DJ Reflux

DJ Returnagain

DJ Rub-a-Dub

DJ RuffCuts


DJ Samrai

DJ Sanchez – from Adelaide. Formed in 2003, first release in 2005. Host of “The Lesson on Fresh 92.7” Notable support slots include; Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, R.A The Rugged Man, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, M.O.P. &amp; Fat Joe.


DJ Selekt

Dj Shazzy Shae

DJ Sheep – 3 times Australian state DMC Dj Champion

DJ Snair

DJ Soup

DJ Staen 1

DJ Sum1

DJ T-Nuc

DJ Tokoloshe


DJ Vame

DJ Vawnagraphic

DJ Wax Vandal

DJ Wildkard

Djarmbi Supreme



Dlinkwnt – group from Wollongong. Formed in 2005, first release in 2009. Played support for artists including; Ice Cube, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tech N9ne, Obie Trice, D12, Mystro, Scribe, The Herd, Downsyde, The Funkoars, Astronomy Class, Muph n Plutonic, Koolism and Def Wish Cast.



Doc Felix


Dopus & Roshambo

Dos Boy – solo artist from Byron Bay, based in Melbourne.



Double and Big Lu

Down Under Beats

   Down Under By Law – Australia’s first Hip Hop compilation album, released in 1988 featuring Westside Posse,Sharline,Mighty Big Crime, Swoop, Fly Girl 3, Pest-A-Side, Mike Scott& Drew Muirhead


Downsyde – group from Perth consisting of members Optamus, Dazastah, Dyna-Mikes, DJ Armee, Cheeky, and Hi-Hat. . Formed in 1996, first limited release in 1997. Winner of multiple Australian Dance Music & WAMi awards.


Drae Cliche – from Sydney



Drake Mc


Drapht – solo artist from Perth and member of the SBX Crew. First release in 2003 on the Culture of Kings compilation. Nominated for multiple APRA & ARIA Awards, winner of Best Urban Album 2011


Drastik X

Drekt Mc

Dribbles – solo artist from Victoria. First release in 2006. Founding member of Madizm and also member of Street Life Descendants.  Dribbles remains undefeated in his battle career.



Droopo – from Melbourne, also known as YÜNG STÉEZE

Dropt At Birth

Drunken Masters








Dylan Joel – Played support for: Supported Bliss N Eso Off the Grid 2017 Tour



Dynasty – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants




Easy Bass – Formed in the early 90’s with releases on cassette, known for Freestyling


Ebony Williams

Ecca Vandal – female solo artist from Melbourne, born in South Africa. Formed in 2013




Ekko Mc

Elapidae – from Melbourne


Elf Tranzporter



Ello C – from Sydney.

Eloji – from Melbourne.



Emcee JDK – from Melbourne. First release in 2014


Enigmatic Emcees

Entropy Emcee


Eric Sanders –







Et-Nik Tribe

Evanda –



Evil Eddy




Exit Strategy – from Brisbane




Exqizit Flow – from QLD

Ezekial Ox




Fat Face


Fatty Phew







Fergo One




Figuero Jones – from Perth.



Figure 8

Filthy Fil



Finger Lookin Good

Fingers Malone


Fith Fam

Fiz the iLL Kid –







Flu AKA Fluent Form





Fly Girl 3


Flye – from NSW, started in 2015.



Fonke Knomaads

Force & Sparts


Foreign Heights


Fortay – solo artist from Sydney



Fourth Akt Mystik

Fozzey – from Northern Queensland




FRANÇOIS – Zimbabwean born solo artist based in Melbourne. Released his first EP ‘Blue Skies’  in 2015.


Freeds –





Frekwentc – from N.S.W. 



Frequency Unknown

Fresh Violet –  Solo Artist from Victoria. Formed in 2013 with the first release in 2014.   Played support for: Breakfast Tour, Second Breakfast Tour, Snak The Ripper [Can]




Full Throttle

Full Tote Odds


Fundamental Elements



Future Rulerz

G Force

Gamirez – solo artist from Perth, started in 2013.





Gatsby – solo Emcee from Sydney. Started in 2012




Gaz Hazard – from Brisbane

Geek – solo artist from Sydney & member of the collective Da Mutantz. First music video released in 2017.




Geko AKA Phil Gektor

General Knowledge

Genesis Owusu – His older brother is Citizen Kay




Geoff Blunted

Ghost 1

Ghost Riders

Gill Bates – from Brisbane.



Good Buddha


Gravity Ponds

Greeley – from Tasmania


GRIIZZ – from Sydney.

Grime Connoisseurs

Groove Terminator

GS Phantom – solo artist from Melbourne born and raised in the Republic of South Sudan.



Gully Platoon – group from Melbourne consisting of Pegz, Joe New & Dialectrix. Formed in 2008, first release in 2009.



H4zey –  Solo Artist from Melbourne. First release in 2016.

Hau Latukefu ( Mc Hau ) – from Canberra. Member of Koolism.




Heads of State

Headstrong Company




HFNR -producer & Dj from Melbourne, started in 2014.


High Knights

  Hilltop Hoods -from South Australia. Formed in 1991. Released first EP in 1997. Members are Suffa, Pressure & Dj Debris ( formerly included Dj Next )


Hired Goons

Home Baked – a six member hip-hop collective of rappers, singers and producers based in Perth, Western Australia



Horrorshow – Duo from Sydney. Members consist of Solo & Adit. Formed in 2006 with the first release in 2008. Together with Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and Joyride, Horrorshow are members of the One Day crew. Horrorshow has also appeared at major Australian music festivals, including the Big Day Out, Splendour in the Grass and Groovin’ the Moo. Support Acts include; Brother Ali, Urthboy, Hilltop Hoods, Seth Sentry & Bliss N Eso. Their song “Dead Star Shine” came in at number 98 on the Triple J Hottest 100 list in 2013.




Hospice Crew




Hungry Humans

Hunter – – also known as Hunter or Huntz, was a solo artist from Perth and one of the founders of the Syllabolix Crew. First release in 2002.Hunter died of neuroendocrine cancer in 2011 at the age of 36. He was post-humously inducted into the Western Australian Music Industry Awards Hall of Fame and was the subject of a documentary titled Hunter: For the Record which recorded the final years of his life. Hunter had been also nominated for a WAMI Award in 2006 and is well known for his community work. R.I.P.




HVNCOQ – solo artist from Melbourne, started in 2017.



Hyjack N Torcha – from NSW. Formed in 2000 consisting of members Hyjak, Torcha & Dj Bonez. First release in 2004 on Obese Records.


Hyjak – solo artist and member of Hyjak N Torcha. First release in 2002 on Static Recordings.


Hypeman R2D2 – solo artist & member of the collective Da Mutantz.

I Am D – solo artist from Brisbane, started in 2013.


Idiot Proof

Ikas Milli$ –



Illegal Substance

  Illergic – solo artist from Sydney. Founded in the 90’s






imbi the girl –



Impossible Odds – group from Brisbane with front-man Rival MC and DJ Returnagain.



Indigenous Intrudaz – group from Brisbane.



Industrial Dispute


Infinite – from Melbourne

Insomnia Records


Intense Quality

Intricate Tungz

Iraamin –  Solo Artist from Melbourne born in Tanzania. Formed in 2016 with the first release in 2017. Played support for: Joe Motley



Iron Tys


Ivan Ooze – solo artist from Melbourne, first release in 2016. Support slots include Seth Sentry, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube and a national tour with Wu-Tang Clan.




Izzy – Solo artist from Sydney. Debut album released in 2017.



J. Waters




Ja Vid




Jack Prest

Jackie Onassis



Jackson Jackson

Jade MacRae

Jade Nemesis

Jake Biz – from Brisbane





Jasper P


Jay UF

JayCee – from Brisbane, released debut Ep in 2015

Jazzy Rhyma


Jeremy Glover

Jeriet Dwight -Austrian emcee based in Sydney. First release in 2015.


Jesswar – Fijian-born female Artist based in Brisbane. Signed to Golden Era Records with first release in 2017.






Jimblah – Indigenous artist from Adelaide. A member of the Larrakia, Yanyuwa, Bardi and Wardaman Nations. In 2007, Jimblah won the Hilltop Hoods Initiative award.



Jimmy Pike

Jive Cee

JJay De Melo – from Melbourne, started in 2016.



Jobi One

Joe New

Joel Turner


Joey Blunt

Johniepee – from Sydney, started in 2015

José Halftime – solo Emcee from Perth




Judz1 – from Victoria. Founding member of Madizm and Nastee Ruckus.

Julez – solo artist from Melbourne. First album released in 2010. Support slots include Sage Francis (USA), C Rayz Walz (USA), Buck 65 (USA), Foreign Beggars (UK), Murs (US), Tim Dog (US), & Oni the Haitian Sensation (USA).


  Just Us – credited as the first hip hop release on vinyl, “Combined Talent” / “My Destiny” in 1988. Founding members include Dj Case, Mentor later joined the group, later it was re-formed with Roamz.


Kandere – female duo based in Melbourne consisting of Wahe Kavara and Lakyn Tarai.





Kavelli –  Solo Artist from Queensland. Formed in 2013 with the first release in 2013.


Kaylah Truth – solo female Emcee from Brisbane. Toured with TLC and Lupe Fiasco.


Kerser – solo artist from NSW. First release in 2008



Kev Hannibal – New York Emcee based in Sydney.

KG –  Solo Artist from ACT. Formed in 2014 with the first release in 2017.   Played at VoiceFest 2K17 as well as support for: Bone thugs-n-harmony, Ice Cube, Black Milk, Bruno Mars





King Social – from QLD


Kings Konekted



Kiyanosh –  Solo Artist from Sydney. Formed in 2014 with the first release in 2016.


Knowledge Bones

Koi Child – 7 piece jazz collective from Fremantle, W.A. featuring Ruz Patterson – vocals, Christian Ruggiero – tenor sax, Jamie Canny – alto sax, Sam Newman – trombone, Tom Kenny – keys, Blake Hart – drums, Yann Vissac – bass




  Koolism – DJ Danielsan and MC Hau



Koziosko –





Kwame – solo artist from Sydney. Formed in 2013. –



Kwasi – solo artist from Melbourne.


Kween G – female emcee from Uganda, based in Sydney.



  Layla – solo female artist from Perth, released debut solo album in 2005 on Obese Records and is a member of Syllaboliks (SBX) Crew.




  Lazy Grey – solo artist and member of the duo Brothers Stoney with Len One and 750 Rebels. Lazy Grey was also in a Brisbane band called Towering Inferno with DJ Damage and B-Boy Flex in 1994–1997, The group performed at the first B-Boy Kingdom hip hop jam in 1996. Brothers Stoney collaborated with Melbourne emcee Bias B as Boney & Stoney. 




Lee Monro & Ello C- duo from Sydney featuring former member of Figgkid. Founded in 2012




  Len One

Leng Hock – from Sydney

Leva – from West Melbourne

LevelHeaded – group from Adelaide consisting of Eslev, Slats, Sidetrack, Fish, Debate & Dj Hacksaw. Support Slots include  Hilltop Hoods, Hyjack & Torcha, Crossbred Mongrels, Pegz, Brothers Stoney, Coxster, Funkoars, After Hours and Jungle Brothers.


LFlows – First started as front man for Brisbane crew ‘Left One’ (who released Fuck You Vol.1 CD (No label 2004)) and then  Lflows & Verbill – East Coast Most Definate The Mixtape (No Label 2008)



Lil Spacely – solo Emcee from Sydney –



Little Gfemale artist from Melbourne

Live For The Moment – duo from Western Australia

Lord Levi – solo artist & member of The Gremlns collective, from Melbourne.

  Lord Tomahawk – solo artist from Perth and also a member of SBX & Clandestein.



Lordholani –




Lyrical Commission – crew from Melbourne comprised of Trem, Brad Strut, Bob Balans, and DJ J-Red. Formed in 1999 with debut release in 2002.







MACSHANE –  Solo Artist from Perth. Formed in 2015 with the first release in 2017.  Winner of WAM Award 2017 for Hip Hop Category Played support for:MC’d


Madboots – female duo of sisters from Brisbane.



Madizm – Judz, Nikko KS, Planz, Mandle (R.I.P.) & Dribbles


Mandle from Port Adelaide. Member of Madizm  R.I.P.




Manu Crook$ – solo artist & producer from Sydney, supported Tory Lanez, YG, and Stormzy





Marksman Lloyd – from Perth




  Mass MC – founder of, DoubleBeef Records and owner of Goonbag Radio.


Mastah Melo –


Matt Coburn –  Solo Artist from Victoria.Formed in 2012 with the first release in 2016.



    Matty B


Maundz – solo artist from Melbourne





 Maya Jupiter



Mallrat – female Emcee from Queensland



 MC Opi – female artist, performed on Christine Anu and Paul Kelly’s 1994 ARIA-nominated single “Last Train”, and co-produced Women on the Rhyme, the first national radio documentary about Australian female hip hop artists, created at the ABC.


  MC Trey – from Sydney, is a Fijian Australian vocalist, and hip-hop activist. She was nominated as one of Sydney’s Top 10 Creative Innovators in the field of music and is a member of ARIA nominated band, Foreign Heights



Merc Mason – solo artist from South Sydney. First release in 2017.


Mesc – solo artist from Brisbane as well as member of the Syntax Junkies.


  Metabass`n`Breath – group from Sydney, formed by members; Morganics, Baba, and Elf Tranzporter. First release in 1997. Other members included DJs Neicha and Nick Toth, keyboardist/trumpeter Adam ‘Sloth’ Burrell, bassist Jay Bondy, drummer Rory ‘Brother Love’ Toomey, MC/dancer Physical Linguistics and guitarist Haydn Walker. The group is managed by Trent Roden of Slingshot Touring.



Mic Addicts

Midas.Gold – solo Artist from Seattle/U.S.A now based in Brisbane. Started in 2015. Played at Sprungfest & Bigsound as well as support for Tkay Maidza, Danny Brown & Ivan Ooze. FacebookTriple JTwitterInstagram Soundcloud        [ratingwidget]




  Mighty Big Crime – from Melbourne, credited as the first Australian Hip Hop album released in 1987 by Virgin Records and Criteria Productions

Mikey Banks

Mikey Hundred – based in Melbourne.


Mikoen –  Solo Artist from Sydney. First release in 2016.


Milwaukee Banks – duo from Melbourne consisting of of rapper Dylan Thomas and producer Edo Rafter


Mind Over Matter



Mini Coop –  Solo Artist from Victoria. Formed in 2013 with the first release in 2013.   Played support for: Seth Sentry


Miracle – from Sydney

Mirrah – female emcee based in Sydney.


Miss Blanks – female emcee from Brisbane.


Miss Karleena (Mc) – female emcee, based in Brisbane.

  Mistery – Emcee, BBoy & Artist from Sydney who has been in the scene for more than 30 years.


Mistress – solo female artist from Melbourne. First release in 2013. Formerly known as Mistress of Ceremony.


Mitchos Da Menace – from Sydney

  Morganics – from Sydney. Solo artist & member of Metabass ‘n’ Breath. Started performing in 1984, first solo release in 2002. Morganics is widely known for his community work alongside others such as; Brothablack, South West Syndicate & The Wilcannia Mob. In 2017 he released Australia’s first Hip Hop movie “Survival Tactics.”




Mortar – from Perth

Mr Clean –  Solo Artist from Sydney. Formed in1995 with the first release in 2011.  Played support for: Big Dady Kane, Masta Ace , RA the rugged, Brad Strut & Celf Tilted supported  National tour with Katalyst


Mr Shadow – from Perth


Mr. Grevis – from W.A. Solo artist and member of the group Street Life Descendants




Muguntha –  Solo Artist from NSW with Tamil heritage. First release in 2016. War On Error is Muguntha’s first mixtape. Muguntha seeks to make music about the futility of war and the need for unity.







  Muph & Plutonic – group from Melbourne consisting of members Mc Muphin and Plutonic Lab. Formed in 2004.





Mx Axis – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants

N’fa – Emcee from 1200 Techniques



Native Ryme Syndicate



Natural Causes

NatureBoy & GMC – duo based in Melbourne, started in 2013.








Published on 27 Mar 2017

New Album – Off The Grid – out Fri 28 April – Preorder from


Next Calibre

Nico Ghost – born in South Africa based in Melbourne, started in late 2014. Played support for Wu-Tang Clan




Nooky – Indigenous artist from NSW


Oblivious Gestures – from Brisbane. First release in 2014 consists of Josepe One, Trigz, & DJ Villain.



Obsene – from Sydney. First release in 1999.


Okenyo – female group from Sydney.


Olive Amun –


Omar Musa – solo artist from Queanbeyan, based in Canberra. First release in 2015. Played with Dead Prez, Pharoahe Monch, Gil Scott-Heron, Horrorshow, Thundamentals and Daniel Merriweather.

One Day – crew from Sydney consisting of Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis, Joyride and Horrorshow.



Optamus – from Perth

Overproof Pete – in 750 Rebels

Ozy n Grub –  Duo from QLD. Formed/first release in 2007.


Pac Dread

Papertoy – producer from Sydney

Patos Breegz –  Solo Artist from NSW. Formed/ first release in 2006.   Played support for artists including Kerser, Hyjak, and Chance Waters



Peezo –



  Pegz – from Melbourne, Victoria. In the scene since 1992, first release in 2001. Formed Obese Records in 2002.




People Luminous –



Pez – from Melbourne. Debut album released in 2008 and peaked at No. 19 on the ARIA Urban albums chart.



Phil Fresh – solo Emcee from Sydney.



Phillabu$trr – solo artist from Sydney, started in 2016.



Phize – solo artist from NSW. Formed in 2008 with first release in the same year.





Pinnacle – duo from Melbourne consisting of Jax & Spenser Phoenix



Plarks The Fumble Tongue –




 Plutonic Lab – From Melbourne. Solo artist, Producer, Drummer, Dj and member of Muph & Plutonic. First production in 1995, solo release in 2001. He is well known for his production work, won on a 2009 Mercury Prize, and is tour drummer for Hilltop Hoods.



Point One Clique – group from the East coast fromed in 2014, first release in 2015. Members consist of Souly B, Yeast, MC Texta, Jak Hamma, Sevinsage, The Priest & Ronny Plonks. Played support for Lord Finesse and Professor Large and Cormega (Sydney.)


Poppy – female artist




Pressure – from Hilltop Hoods

Prime –   solo emcee from Adelaide.


Prophet Rayza







Prowla – Emcee & Producer from Melbourne, started recording in 1994. His vinyl records are highly sought after.


Pure Product

Raed – from Melbourne who has self financed his hip-hop career by selling drugs. His style is self-described as crazy and intense but everybody else-described it as the single most grating thing we’ve ever heard? He’s released several albums, funded a movie about his life, called in a bomb threat to Crown Casino and got a restaining order from Michael Gudinski.

Rari –




Raven – from Melbourne

Realm City – solo artist from Townsville, North Queensland.


Reams – from Perth


Reason – his 2011 album ‘Solid’ was the first release on Obese Records.



Relevance – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants


Remi – solo artist from Melbourne. Former member of the collective Run For Your Life, alongside Producer Sensible J & Dutch. Support slots include Joey Bada$$ and the Under Achievers, The Pharcyde and Illy.




  Resin Dogs – group based in Brisbane. Formed in 1996, first release in 1997.They have have won Australian Dance Music Awards for Best Hip Hop Act (2001) and Best Live Act (2002, 2003). and were finalists in the International Song Writers Competition. Resin Dogs have performed at almost every major Australian festival and supported Black Eyed Peas on a National Tour.




Reverse Polarities –  Crew from Sydney. Formed in 2004 with the first release in 2007.


Ridzyray –  Solo Artist from Victoria.


Rivilin – solo artist from Brisbane, started in 2016. Style is rock-orientated Hip Hop.



Rizo –

RNS – from Western Australia

Rooks and Royals


Royce Drixhen

Ryland Rose – Aka Ry, from Melbourne. Started in 2012. Toured as support for Spit Syndicate.


S.O.X. – Zimbabwean artist based in Western Australia.



Salty MC –  Solo Artist from Wollongong.



Sampa The Great – Zambian-born, Botswana-raised female rapper now based in Sydney. Started in 2015. Played at Splendour In The Grass as well as support for Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, and Little Simz.



Savilian – from Sydney, started in 2006



Savo –  Solo Artist from Queensland. Formed in 2008 with the first release in 2008.   Played support for: Kid Ink, D12, Bam Bam


Savour The Rations – group from Sydney



Scott Skills –

Selasie Wussah – solo artist * member of the collective Da Mutantz.

Sereck – from Def Wish Cast




Seth Sentry – from Victoria. First release in 2012. Sentry’s first public appearances were during live performances with Melbourne hip hop/drum ‘n’ bass outfit, D.S.O.L., in 2003.




SG65 –  Duo from Melbourne, originated from Ethiopia consists of members Faemas Steez & Faemas Cheese. Formed in 2015 with the first release in 2016.




Shadz – from Brisbane




Silicon Slave –  Solo Artist from ACT. Formed in 2011 with the first release in 2012.   Born in New Orleans and raised in Australia.


Simplex – solo artist and member of Terra Firma.



Sinks – from Melbourne

  Skippy The Butcher – from Melbourne, supported Run DMC in 1988

Skope – member of Terminal Illness



SkurgeOne – from Tasmania

Sky’high – female solo artist from Sydney with Scottish, Aboriginal and Fijian ancestry. Signed with Elefant Tracks and worked with producer P-Money.  




Sleek the Elite – began performing in 1991 and released debut album ‘Sleekism’ in 199. He also appeared in the first 2 seasons of ‘Fat Pizza.’.



Slim Set – duo


Smoke –

Snob Scrilla – from Sydney (born in America) First release in 2008.

Sole Option – solo Emcee from Sydney and member of Shok Revolva/ Next Calibre Crew. Started in 2011.



Sophie Grophy – female emcee from Melbourne.

  Sound Unlimited – from Sydney. Formerly known as Sound Unlimited Posse and Westside Posse. First release in 1998.The group split up in 1994.The band’s members were: Rosano (El Assassin) and Tina Martinez, MC Kode Blue and Vlad DJ BTL. They were the first Australian hip hop act signed to a major label. The group supported acts such as Public Enemy, New Kids on the Block and De La Soul, including opening for Public Enemy during their 1992 Australian tour. They also performed at Big Day Out Music in 1992. In 2004, the A.S.K. Mix of “One More From The City” featured on the compilation album 15.Oz Vinyl: 15 Years Of Australian Hip Hop On Vinyl. The album showcased early and important tracks in Australian hip hop. For the first time Sound Unlimited appeared with other key artists of the genre such as the AKA Brothers, Koolism, Def Wish Cast and the Hilltop Hoods.


  Southwest Syndicate – collective from Sydney, started performing in 1992

Spanka – from Victoria. First release in 2015.

Spit Syndicate – group from Sydney consisting of members of MCs Just Enuf and Nick Lupi. Also members of the “One Day” crew. First release in 2006.



Stan Bravo – New York Emcee based in Sydney.


  Stealth Magazine   an independent hip-hop magazine from Sydney, founded by Mark Pollard, in June 1999. It is a founding part of the Australian Hip Hop scene and also was distributed worldwide by Tower Records. It ended in 2007 ( which is one of the primary reasons for the founding of this website )


Stoyan –

Street Warriors – from Newcastle, consists of brothers Abie and Warwick Wright from Local Knowledge. They perform in both English and the Awabakal language. First release in 2007.

   Suffa – solo artist and member of Hilltop Hoods


   Syllabolix – crew from Western Australia. Founded by members Hunter, Downsyde, Clandestine, Layla, Matty B and Drapht. and also consists of members including Funkola, Porsah Laine, Mortar, Mr. Grevis and Rob Shaker.




Syntax Junkies – group from Brisbane consisting of the 2 Brisbane crews Syntax Era and Thought Junkies. Members consist of Pill Specter, Mesc, Estranged, Jolly Rotten, Nerve & Blind.

T.C.W –  Solo Artist from sydney. Formed in 2015 with the first release in 2016.


Talakai – from Newcastle, started in 2011. Supported Scribe (NZ), Mathas, Locksmith (USA), Daily Meds & DJ Yella of NWA & more

Tavern Slander



Tee Noah – solo artist from Brisbane




Tell – Duo from Melbourne. Consists of Mantra & Grey Ghost.


Templar –  Solo Artist from Melbourne. Formed in 2016 with the first release in 2016.   Played support for: Sold out Revolver, Gasometer, Untz Untz, Beyond the Valley, Rabbit Hole & Northcote Social Club


  Terminal Illness – group from Sydney. Members include Case, Illergic, Dj Maniak, Skope, Quest, Tommy Rock, Think, Tunz, Retz & Axe





  Terra Firma




That’s Them – duo from Sydney consisting of Sarm & Nebs. Formed in 2005.

The Astronomy Class



The Avalanches




The Brothahood

 The Funkoars – Trio from South Australia consisting of Trials, Sesta and Hons. They form part of the Certified Wise crew.  First release in 2003. Former member Dj Reflux. Trials is also a member of the duo A.B. Originals alongside Briggs. 



The GREMLNS aka GremSquad – collective from Melbourne consisting of Kae, Lord Levi, Sky White, GS Phantom, Mobstah, Mike Wang, Kid Kalib, KG



The Hated – duo from Byron Bay, started in 2011.


The Last Kinection – an Indigenous hip-hop group from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The band was formed in 2006 by Joel Wenitong, DJ Jay Tee (both from Local Knowledge) and Naomi Wenitong (Shakaya)<



The Optimen



The Psyche Ward – group from W.A. consisting of Mysc, Complete, Defekt, Intelekt, Sever, Omac & Kogz.

The S.U.B.

The Tongue – From Sydney. First release in 2006. He is especially known for his live freestyle ability.



The Wilcannia Mob – an Indigenous group from Wilcannia, New South Wales. The group members are Wally Ebsworth, Keith Dutton, Colin “Colroy” Johnson, Lendal King, and Buddy Blair. They were discovered by Sydney-based guerrilla artist Morganics in Wilcannia in October 2001.



Thundamentals – group from NSW consisting of members are DJ Morgs, MC Jeswon , MC Tuka and DJ Poncho. Former members of Connect 4. First release in 2009.



Tides – from Brisbane, started in 2013

TIM –  Solo Artist from NSW. Formed in 2016 with the first release in 2017.



Tjimba and the Yung Warriors



Tkay Maidza – from Adelaide ( born in Zimbabwe ) First release in 2014.



Tommy Illfigga – aka Tom Thumb – from Brisbane, World Champion Beat Boxer



Tomtom –  from Brisbane.


Tone Youth – Perth based Music X Arts collective consisting of TSoko (S.O.X),  Rob Delirious, Jimmy Drones & Chu.









Travy P – solo artist from Brisbane

  Trem – member of Lyrical Commission









Trill –  Solo Artist from QLD. First release in 2008.


Triple One – group from Sydney.



True Live – From Melbourne, formed in 2003 consisting of 6 musicians.

Tyrone – solo artist from Sydney

Tyrøne – from Sydney.


Tzu – From Melbourne. Combining members of the groups Curse ov Dialect and Pan



Uncle Red – From Cairns, born in Melbourne.

Unda Dwella – from Brisbane

New Single & Music Video Produced by . Beat by Davinci


Urthboy – from NSW. First solo release in 2004. He is founding member of the hip-hop group The Herd, and co-founder of the Elefant Traks record label.


  Vents– from Adelaide.Started Emceeing around 1997, first solo release in 2007. His 2011 Album was nominated for an ARIA Music Award. Has played at the Big Day Out,Sprung Festival and Homebake and support for artists such as Wu-Tang Clan and Hilltop Hoods. Vents was involved in a serious car accident in Adelaide with DJ Debris, Adfu and Adfu’s brother. The four were in a car driven by DJ Debris and were struck by an alcohol-intoxicated driver.






Verdikt – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants

Vexed – solo artist from Cairns, QLD.

Vic August –

  Warcry – from Gold Coast, QLD. Consists of members Syke, Sabotage, Wishbone & DJ Ray. Formed in 1991, first release in 1995.


Weapon X



Wombat have just released the New Single & Music Video “Whipper Snapper.” Produced by Nerve. Released on 27/03/2017 Recorded by Greeley at Twisted Recordings Video Executed by Greeley & Shayne Kemp

Willy Epson –

Winston Anthony – solo  artist from New Zealand now based in Melbourne, started in 2012.  Supported artists such as Big Sean, Phora, Reverie, Paws.One, Smashproof, Jae’O, TK Paradza, Tiki Taane, and Diaz Grimm.


Wolf Henson –

WZRDKID – Trio from Mildura started in 2013.


Xen-D –

Xzact – from W.A. in the group Street Life Descendants

Young Viking – from North QLD.–h63fwZJ8g


Yung Dready Mane – from Sydney, TheYungDreadyBastrd Aka Dready Mane.


Yung Juiceboxx –


Yung Milo



Yung Warriors – from Melbourne. First release in 2007. Also known as Tjimba and the Yung Warriors. They played at 2008 Big Day Out and the World Indigenous Peoples Conference: Education in Melbourne and supported 50 Cent. Nominated for Deadly Awards in 2008 and 2009 and have had national airplay on Triple J.



Z. Lewis –

Zeal Static – from Victoria. First release in 2014.


Zeke Beats – DJ & Producer with multiple awards for turntablism including;  Australasian IDA DJ Champ, 4th World Ranking IDA DJ Championships, inaugural Q-Bert Skratch University Valedictorian/Skratch Champion, Red Bull Thre3style State Champion, 2 x State DMC DJ Champion and Australian Vice DMC DJ Champ.


Zhane White – solo artist from Melbourne.